Tiny Math Planets

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  • Description: Tiny Math Planets is a fun educational game where you can exercise your Math skills with quick thinking and strategy to complete each level. Designed to help children visualize the relationships between numbers, and increase their awareness of how numbers form patterns. This cool math game is free to play.
  • Instructions: To complete a level, you have to move Mr. Tiger across the map to reach his friend.
    The map is divided into a grid, which can be traversed by constructing answers to math equations.

    • Collect all the bonus items to achieve 3 stars
    • Collect the puzzle pieces and complete the puzzle for each world
    • Use power-ups to help on tricky levels.
    • Look out for the bad guys!
    • Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Reminder: This FUNBRAIN game requires Adobe Flash Player plugin. If the game does not load, try installing the newest flash player by downloading the plugin at adobe website. Have Fun!


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